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Sunday, July 01, 2012

You can't miss City Harvest Church. News of Pastor Kong and friends being arrested were splashed all over the papers and internet. Even the mothering forum that I frequently visited was plastered with comments on PK and Sun. Many scornful and deceitful remarks were passed on the church and the Pastors.

Our family has been faithfully attending church since we first stepped in CHC somewhat 7 years back. We were originally from another church. By an incidental chance, we walked in to the church. Then, Shannon was only 2+years old and Sky, a mere 6 months. We were welcomed by the friendly usher who brought me to the nursery then DH in the main hall at Expo.

Coming from my ex-church, there was no nursery (children service started from 2yo and above), and I had to run to and flow to a nursing corner which means out of the service to breastfeed Sky. Hence, I can’t help but being charmed by the well equipped nursery. From having hot water flask to a big flat screen showing live broadcast of the service, everything you need is in the nursery. You don’t have to worry if you run out of wipes and diapers. Nurseries were categorised by age group and with breastfeeding rooms. With the dedicated nursery ministry workers, mummy could watch the service and even make notes by your baby's side. Being a stickler for systems, I am IMPRESSED that CHC looks into such details. Now, my three baobeis love and look forward to the weekly children service!

I love every bits of the service. Every aspects of it is impeccable. From praise and worship to the preaching. It kept you real high which is perhaps why many can’t resonate with it. Many do not understand why we have to behave like going to a concert. Psalms 81: 1-2, Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the God of Jacob! Raise a song and strike the timbrel, The pleasant harp with the lute. I’m sure God want us to be as happy as a lark while praising and soaking in his presence!

I’m always in awe of Pastor’s teaching which is always so clear and relevant. Contrary to what the internet buzz about how Pastor only preaches about prosperity messages, Pastor had made many impactful messages such as Cultural Mandate, Sermon of the Mount and Making Marriage Work that impacted me on how I should behave as a employee, wife, mother and daughter to my parents. At times, to deepen our biblical knowledge and roots, Pastor held series of bible lessons during weekdays at Jurong West Church. I depended my holistic well being on CHC.

Now, the issue is money. I cannot and will not judge. On the net, I saw critics about Pastor or CGL asking everybody to buy Sun’s CDs. I have strange feelings about those critics cos of all these 7 years, I have never heard Pastor or my CGLs hard selling any of the albums. I for one never buy any of Sun’s CD. My family and friends asked me how I feel as a member of the church and if this episode makes me change my mind about Pastor Kong and the church. To be frank, I was a little disappointed. This was not the outcome we were praying for the past 2 years! I have strong belief in the church’s integrity. We have given our tithes and offerings dutifully because we gave undo the lord and this was nothing compared to the blessings that God have given to us. I’m contented.

I came out of Saturday service enjoying stronger presence of God and touched  by both God and people’s steadfast loyalty for the church. I knew that GOD is with us.

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