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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Very backdated post. On 30 June, Sky had an art outing cum competition to the Singapore International Water Festival held at Marina Barrage. Before the art contest, Sky had a quick ride in the water bumboat.

While Sky went on to sweat it out at the art contest, Shan & Seth continued their fun at different stations. The event came with free popcorn, candy floss and ice-cream!


Students steaming up asking visitors to sign on their water pledge and taking pictures as part of their evidence.

 Admiring the wonderful creation of the students


 Seth had a good time checking out the various unique kites!

Sky slogging away for around 2-3 hours. For his effort, he walked away with consolation prize :) How could he missed out the fun. Immediately after the contest ended, he ventured to play!


Gotten a limited Cola tin! And the nice people gave him another one for jie jie. 

This surely suits all ages!

After class, Daddy brought Shan back for lunch and we had a quick peek at Garden by the Bay . 

We will definitely  be back! The kids can't wait to explore the paid Cooled Conservatories - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as well as to do the OCBC Skyway. The kids were in dampen spirit when we had to drag them away. We got to rush for Church service. It was a tough time for PK and team but the first service after the news splashed in the papers was so powerful and touching! The whole congregation gathered around and the church had to open more overfilled rooms for the overwhelming crowd! Praying hard!

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