Maritime Experiential Museum & POLW

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We got free tickets to Maritime Experiential Museum and the Saturday we were back from Europe, we brought the kids there. Had a good breakfast at Vivo and took the boardwalk to Sentosa. Despite the sun welcoming us strongly, the kids had fun walking and taking pictures along the way. While almost reaching Sentosa, DH was squatting down to take pictures of the kids when we heard a loud "piaaaaa". Gosh, his 15euro berms bought from a flea market in Rome gave way!! Poor me, gotta walk back to Vivo to get another pair for him under the watchful eyes of the fierce sun.

Despite the little hiccup along the way, we reached our destination as scheduled. Unlike the usual Museum, Maritime Experiential has many interactive features that the kids actually enjoyed. It's a small area and I would have thought that a two-hours should be able to do the job and we could head over to POLW as soon as possible. But the kids actually spent the whole morning there.

The museum features revolves along the ancient Maritime Silk Route. When we entered, we were greeted by the life-sized replica of the bow of the Bao Chuan, Admiral Zheng He's legendary treasure ship.

This is where they get a brief screening of Admiral Zheng He sailed on the western ocean.The whole ship shook and the lion gave out smoke as part of the animation effect.

Sky learning more about silk

Sky immediately plonked himself down when he noted craft activities.

Seth also wanted to join in!

Their artpiece

 Roping daddy to fold ship

There are two levels and the basement level comprised of souvenirs shop and some other stuff. 

The most engaging activity that the kids enjoyed at this level was the touchscreen pottery making. Without getting your hands dirty, you could design the pattern, the height and width of the pottery. The best part was you could choose to "auction" it off and see much your creation is worth. This section is where the kids lingered the longest. They were so fascinated and engrossed in making pottery after pottery hoping to outdo the price that they sold for the last piece.

Their masterpiece

After the museum walk, we had lunch at the Malaysian Food Street that I have wanting to try out. The food were so so only..the mouse noodle I ate can't seem to match the flavour that I tasted in KL.

After lunch, we wasted no time to check out the POLW- Port of  Lost Wonder. POLW is one of the latest kids water theme park at Palawan Beach. Entry fee on the weekend is $16 for kids. Accompanying parents enter for free :) Blur me forgotten to bring their swim suits. But luckily, the in-charge allowed entry since they had beach shorts with them. 

They had a splashing fun time!! Sky who used to be afraid of the water bucket enjoyed the random huge splashes of water.  There's also foam party! I'm sure we will be going back again during the school holiday! Boy, they were so sad when it was time to leave! 

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