Salzburg - Day 1 - Part 1

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Have I told you God is good? To cut the story short, during the train ride to Zurich (transit to Salzburg), Huizi SMSed to inform that she retrieved my passport and indeed it was dropped in Galeries Lafayette. She arranged to courier the passport to Florence. That's sooo sweet of her! And thanks God for the grace and mercy over this journey!

Can afford to indulge myself with the lovely breads now that I'm relieved
We did nothing but shopped for some food stuff at the supermarket while waiting for the next train ride to Salzburg. During this pocket of time, Allan did some catching up with his ex-boss who's residing in Zurich together with Joanna. Thanks to their meet up, we got to eat the best ever succulent hot dog I ever ate. I'm not a big hot dog fan but that was too tasty for words. The nice couple also blessed us with luxurious Luxemburgerli Macaroons for desserts.Ooooh...
The lovely Zurich view from the train

The Salzburg Card for tourist served us well. Through the card, we were able to take bus and go in and out of several museums.

At Mozart Birthplace & Museum. We weren't allowed to take photographs inside. So some shots are taken secretly.

On our way to next museums, we passed by another scenic view and the shopping belt.


Adore this little charming boutique that sells figurines and wind charm.
Lovely view

And we saw the cucumbers that got the guys so excited~
@ Museum of the Modern Art
@ the Cathedral

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