On the route to Florence

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We spent the morning at Venice roaming around. No agenda specific, just plainly soaking into the presence and buying souvenirs back home.

Allan, Ronnie & Remy and wives went on a Gondola ride while the remaining 4 of us walked and shopped around.

By the time we reached Florence, it was evening. The beauty of long day was that we still managed to do lots of sightseeing! We walked our way to the majestic Cathedral, the Duomo.
No words could describe how we felt when we were facing the Duomo. Despite the fact that this was my second trip to Florence, I was still in awe of the amazing structure that I have seen 10 years ago. Nothing much seemed to have changed.

 At Pizza Della Signoria, Florence main square filled with statues and culture.

We explored Uffizi Gallery which was just located right next.

And ending the night off with a nice dinner. We needed to gear ourselves up for the next day which required speed, strength and a clear mind.

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