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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Online shopping for clothes is absolutely necessary for me since I don't work in town nor have I have much free time. However, I still prefer to go brick and mortar shop for household items not until I discovered the much more benefits for online household items shopping too! Not only it's convenient, it is also very wallet-friendly!

Have touched up my new nest with some online purchases from half of the world around.

Amazon is truly amazing! A wide range and variety of items and shipping to Singapore is FOC! Plus plus plus...they have truly amazing superb service! Oh man, what more can you ask! Here's highlighting some of the items I bought!

Door Stopper
Just had to find a sleeker version to replace the yucky and old fashioned door stopper that DH bought! I think I have OCD.

Don't laugh at me! Yes, I have "imported" Dustbins and I really love the simple and sleek look for these dustbins. Almost wanted to buy dustbins from Ikea until I spotted these at Amazon!

Wall Organizer
@ the kitchen for my ladles, scissors and such.

@ the yard for my brooms, mops and such

Vintage Jars
ok.. I admitted. This was purchased on impulse as they are just too lovely looking!! And, I found the use for all of it! I saw similar glass bottles selling at Typo for $4/bottle. Set of 6 is selling at Amazon now for US$10.99 which comes up to S$2.42/bottle! Grab it!
This is how I used it for...which helps to made my mornings so blue and cool.. .

containing my morning stuff such as toothbrushes, make-up brushes, Olay Cleaning System, mascara, eyeliners, etc

If you followed my instagram, you would see these lovely quotes put up at the wall. Shipping is also FOC from China!! Another favourite part of my wall was the chalkboard area. That was actually the DB Box area and the chalkboard paper we purchased fitted nicely on the door.

These are the only three items I purchased from DhGate.
For the first time, DH really painstakingly the house rules letter by letter on the wall. It was only when we received the second decal for the boys' room, we realised that there was actually a simpler way of transferring the wall decal to the wall!

I know Taobao is certainly not foreign to you. People buy all sorts of items from Taobao - from clothes all the way to bulky furniture. I also understand many buy lighting, bed frame, chairs from Taobao. I'm only a small small player. First, to surf in Chinese is abit challenging, second, purchases gotta be done through a shipper and different shippers have different way of calculating shipping charges. Third, according to experts of Taobao buyers, you have to buy those with crowns and stars. Anyway, I used Peeka as they seemed to have rave reviews. I did not bother to compare how the rest of the shippers' charges but there are quite a few recommended shipper like daigou65 or Amcon Express from internet. Anyway, signing up and purchasing through Peeka was real easy for me and I received my goods in good condition. So no complaints.

As I was flipping some Home Magazines, I noted features of living wall having collages of photos hung in a very organised yet artistic manner. Initially, our plan was to purchase the frames from Ikea..until, I spotted these from Taobao! It has different sets for you to choose from. It was super easy to arrange and put up due to the photo paper and nails provided. Each frame with shipping charges involved came up to be around $2/frame!

Tin Tin
Bought the metal paints to touch up the boys' room.

Love these simple and quaint looking alarm clocks for the kids room. The alarm is indeed loud and clear..I can even hear from my room.

Da dah....hope this will inspires to do more shopping online.

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