Kumon vs CMA

Friday, December 02, 2011

When Shan was K2, she was introduced to abacus through CMA. She likes it alot and it trained her to be mentally ready as it has a segment of listening to the question and jot the answer down. You will see her tweaking her fingers up and down and doing her mental calculations. But when she started P1, we dropped it as it was just galore of numbers. But that kind of served a good foundation for her and she's quick-witted.

For Sky, we decided to try Kumon as we thought he needed extra drilling. His progress was much faster than Shan than we expected. At K2, he was already doing multiplication and division. He's now doing division with remainder, something that Shan had not even touch it in P2 syabllus. Just last week, he proudly brought back a cert and felt upbeat about his achievements. This week, he's struggling with it and complained that he did not want to go Kumon anymore. Should I drop Kumon as he's going to pri school?

Hmmm..which one shall I send Seth to next time..*evil smile*

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  1. I can imagine him having headache whenever he is doing his maths. his head seems so heavy. So poor thing but cute also cute. :p


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