Taiwan Day 5

Friday, December 30, 2011

After leaving Cing Jing, we made our way to Tea Plantation.

There, we tasted the flavourful tea biscuits and Oolong & green tea.

We were all sold on the advantages of "yum cha" and all of us bought the tea pack back.

After the "healthy" purchases, we dropped by at Ear Art Resort Village ( 牛耳石雕公) located at Nantou County Puli Town for lunch.

To digest our lunch, we roamed the park and enjoyed the greens

After a nice walk around the park, we were brought to Miaoli NanZhuang Old Street of Miaoli country in Central Taiwan. Almost every town in Taiwan, there's an old street. It's a fairly short street and the more obvious stuff sold were Osmanthus related food stuff. No wonder it's also named as Osmanthus Alley. 

By now, it's late noon and the kids were sooo looking forward to the next destination - Flying Cow Farm. We reached there late evening.

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