Taiwan Day 2 - Wulai

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Woke up at 7plus to have a simple breakfast at the hotel before setting off to Wulai.

A shot at the hotel before boarding the coach.

Zoomed and we are now in Wulai, taking the Log cart uphill to see the famous waterfall. It's raining and all of us are decked in ponchos except for Seth. Don't mention ponchos, I could hardly get him to wear his winter jacket.

Queueing to take the log ride. It could only take 8pax each trip and so we went up family by family.

 The log cart

Got to walk our way up to the waterfalls zone after the log ride.

A shot at the scenery during the ride

 Oooh...we reached! We lingered there a while to take all the pictures we wanted.

Browsed through the museum after we had enough of soaking the waterfall experience

A rest at the museum

Boys enjoying their ice-cream.
Somehow, ice-cream is extremely appealing in cold weather.

We gotten the piping hot crispy shishamo (pregnant fish)! No regrets!

We spent the morning there and subsequently took the cart ride back and made our way to the Wulai Old Street.
Buying prunes & ginger sweets.

For lunch, we settled to try various small bites along the market. We were enticed by the soya yellow bean dumplings and the porridge. Not bad, my mum also bought the beans back to sg to cook.

Just right after finishing the dumplings and porridge, the guys hearsaid that the mutton soup at the opposite stall was great. And, yes, we hopped over the other side and tried few more dishes. And yes, we managed to stomach these down. The soup and vege are delicous! Especially the mutton soup, it has no offensive mutton smell. Personally, I don't fancy the prawns much.

Besides the above, we also tried their wild boar sausages that can be found in all street markets.

Spotted another museum at the end of the street and since it's free entry, we swung in to take a look. Within minutes, we "toured" the 3-storey high museum. Ok, we are not much of a historian to appreciate artistic stuff. I vaguely recalled that there's one storey catered to different fabrics.

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