Taiwan Day 3 - Ximending

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3 was a F&E day for us. After breakfast @ hotel, we strolled to the train station @ Ximending. This is the whole troupe of us!

We took the MRT, just a stop away to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Departmental Store. When we reached, the store is not opened but there were already many people queuing outside to go in. Their sale must be really worth waiting for.

While queueing, photo taking time! No photos for the rest of the day since we needed to chiong for shopping!

The store was celebrating some anniversary and had good promotions. Some of the happy purchases included:

1. SK-II, the biggest bottle (215ml) @ S$158 after tax rebate.

2. Down feather jackets @ S$40+ each, originally priced at S$150+

Presenting the male models...

 and the female ones..
3. Kids' Fila shoes @ S$30 for a pair.

In the evening, Allan's local friend brought us to try their local zhi char for dinner. Zhongyang Shichang (中央市場生猛海鮮) is suppose to be one of several fresh seafood and a reasonably priced restaurants on Changan East Road. Neon signs blast the price to be NT$100. We did not get to see the menu as the friend had helped us pre-order several dishes. I don't really recall that we ate much seafood though. Instead, I think we ate quite a number of Veg dishes.

Anyway, the reason for my "poor" memory was because I wasn't enjoying my meal then. My extremely playful Sky and Issac were swinging the rotating platform on the table and the next thing i knew, the most unimaginable incident happened. He managed to swing it so hard that all the glass on the table smashed to the floor. That made me so angry with him and it totally spoiled my appetite. So that explains the lack of photo and the memory of it. 

That's the end of Day 3.

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