Friday, December 02, 2011

Except for Shan, almost all of us are feeling under the weather! Seth first caught a virus from school two weeks ago and it went viral. It passed on to his bro and he had bad throat inflammation. Both had fever like yo-yo. One day up and the other day down.

For me, I had never felt so sick all these years! The flu bug developed further into Sinusitis and caused me severe facial pain and headache. Today, things are starting to get back into normalcy. After some bad vomiting the day before, I started to feel lighter and breathe better. Maybe both Sky and Shan were farmed out to grandma and I have some peace in the house. Seth had been well though he was still kept away from school as he still had bad cough. This morning, he struggled to go back to school (whined that he can't go school because he's still sick!)

Next Thursday, we will be flying to Taiwan for holiday and I still can't get into the mood. Pray that we will be up and running for the season of celebration this month!

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