Cheng Zhu Mandarin Centre - Seth's new enrichment

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have been searching for a Chinese enrichment for Seth for a while but him being #3, there are many considerations i.e. logistic clash with his bro and sis. I would have happily settled Seth to Berries if not for the fact that there is no vacancy.

By chance, I found that Julia Gabriel has consolidated their Chinese Division and opened ChengZhu Mandarin Centre at Rochester Mall. Both Shan and Sky had attended edudrama class at Julia Gabriel during their pre-schoolers days and even to-date, they still fondly remember their enjoyable time there. I had considered enrolling Seth to Julia Gabriel but there's no perfect timing for us to commit. Not to mention that Shan and Sky still lack of confident to converse in Mandarin, I thought I better give Seth a headstart in Chinese rather than any other type of enrichment.

Making a mental checklist when I make my inquiry:
Rochester Mall, a mere 10mins drive away - perfect
Day/ timing I wanted is available - perfect
1.5 hours of duration - perfect
Parent accompany not needed - perfect

Finally, my search for a Chinese enrichment is over! During our first visit, we realised that parking at Rochester Mall is free! We knew of course, it's "while stock last" but it's still good! *update*, charges kicked in now but we noticed that the grace period seemed longer than 10mins. Hence, no impact.

Seth started his first lesson (N1 - Language Learners) on 10 August. As expected, he cried buckets when we left. When daddy picks him up, the teacher commented that he was very attentive and he was all smiles. Being a sticky boy, I would expect that he will be whiny again the following Saturdays. Instead, he was cool and waved *bye* to us when we dropped him at the class. Well, looks like he enjoys the class!

 Suddenly dawned on me that he has grown when he carried his bag and ran made his way to the centre.

He also looks forward to the weekly visit to the Centre's library to borrow a book. He needs to present the library card to the counter staff and says "May I borrow this book, please" and "Thank you". The so familiar routine that Shan and Sky used to do during their time in Julia Gabriel except Seth got to say it in Chinese.
Seth at the library

Books are categorised by age. There's even a cozy reading bed area. The picture above is just a small section of the library.

On top of borrowing book, Seth love the mini playground that is not available in Julia Gabriel during his Gor Gor & Jie Jie' time.

Term 3 has come to an end last week and during the last lesson, parents were allowed to enter the classroom half an hour earlier. The teacher showcased what the kiddos had learnt for the term and conducted the lesson in our presence. That's pretty neat.
Seth's report
Looking forward to the next term.

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