Rome - Day 2 - Part 1

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Followed strictly to our itinerary, we reached the Vatican City - the smallest country in the world. On the streets leading to the Vatican City, there were various agencies asking tourists to sign up for guided tour. To fully embrace the historical culture and knowledge, we gave in and paid for the a guided tour. If you ask me, you should save your money. Half of the time, we I could not catch the accent of the guide and the sound level was not at an optimal level. We should have explored ourselves.The only plus point was you get to cut the humongous long queue and went right in. I guess that made it worth it.

The Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum

Despite this being the second visit, I was still in awe. As usual, there's such a big crowd.

I swear I had grown more fats more eating dough! Need serious dieting now that I'm back in homeland!

At St. Peter's Basilica

Inside the Basilica, few of us were asked by the guard to put on our shawl and jackets. So refrain from dressing like a Singaporean - sleeveless & shorts on this holy ground! :D Every corner of the Basilica is an art! 

Being a christian, I am happy to have walked the holy ground. After being intoxicated with the doctrines, we had to feed our stomach. And along the way, we spotted the ingenious way of how Italians parked their car.

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