Last lap of Europe - Rome - 1st Evening

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ahhh...Finally get down to update our last lap of Europe trip - Rome. Gosh, I took more than two months to pen down the whole Europe trip!

After the "fulfilling" Florence Trip, we took it slowly when we reached Rome in the evening. Meant to visit some attractions but in the end we just wandered around aimlessly. So much so that I can't recall where were these landmark.

Then, we spotted a signboard that made our heart pounded abit faster. 

Ooooh, after 10 days of pizza and pasta, Chinese food sounded tantalizing! Frankly, the food wasn't spectacular, but we swept it clean in split seconds and ordered second serving! The lao ban liang was amused. We must have made her or the chef's day being led to think how scrumptious their food were.

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