Taiwan - Day 4

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Set off in the morning to Miaoli Fruit Ranch. There, we enjoyed the fresh crisp air and explored various breed of tomatoes.

We did not pluck the tomatoes. Instead, we chose to buy the tomatoes. Look at the different shapes and sizes of the tomatoes and all tasted sweet.

After the fruit farm, we went for the hot spring. But Seth was adamant about not going down and lucky thing he did not, cos it may be too hot for him. Since daddy tried hot spring in Kobe and Korea before, he "scarificed" to be with Seth. Then again, he said the hot springs he tried in Kobe and Korea had more pools and much much nicer. He's resourceful enough to spot this bumper car area that could entertain Seth while we were soaking away.

After a theraphic sulfuric hot spring, our next stop is neiwan old street. Again, it's filled with street food and we practically ate all the way up and back.

Thereafter, we made our way to CingJing Farm.

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