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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A quick recap of some significant and memorable events that took place past few months.

Shan's performances July - Sept 13
This year, Shan was involved with quite a number of external dance events from her school Dance CCA. When I thought this year is not a SYF year for them, it will be much relaxed. Who knows...

She was one of the 4-girls KPOP group and their school was selected to perform for SYF@Esplanade: LIVE@élibrary (Asian Potpourri). There were journalists to interview the gals too.

Extracted from LHZB 
There were also performances for National Day, Teacher's Day and school Mid-Autumn Festivals. I was lamenting to my friend that her Chinese Dance activities really 没完没了.
Representing the team to receive Certification of Appreciation from MP
Ballet Under The Stars - July 13
With a "ballerina" at home, we are fervent supporters of the annual BUTS. This year was no different.

Doctor For A Day Experience - July 13
Mount Elizabeth Novena organised an inaugural event “Doctor For A Day”. Really Kudos to Mount Elizabeth Novena to host this wonderful experiential learning for kids 5 to 12yo. Unfortunately, we were unable to find an appropriate timing suitable for Shan and thus only Sky was able to enjoy the session. Needless to say, with many parents aiming for their little ones to be future doc-to-be, the sessions were snapped up very fast.

The whole event was immaculately planned and executed. The doctors were in all smiles despite repeating and doing similar stuff over and over again. Must really salute their dedication and sincerity in running this event.

The kids were giggling away and especially happy when they were in at the A&E room and Nursing Room. There, they used the equipment meant to increase the heart beat and were taught on how to do bandage. At the Nursing Room, they were flipping the "baby" left right centre to put up diapers and "feed" them. It was sooo fun.

Sky graduated with a cert and group photo as a memory. They even got a stethoscope as a token. It was a good educational and engaging session for the kids and I truly hope that Mount Elizabeth Novena will run it again!

You think Sky is inspired somehow to contribute to the medical field of tomorrow?

CG Event by the beach
We have not been visiting the beach as often as we liked as kids are growing older and getting busier. A rare chance came when we planned an outing to East Coast Beach. The weather wasn't that great cos by noon, it was drizzling. Else, the kids would have cycled. Nevertheless, they had fun in the sand. After lunch, they still adjourned back to new place for a swim!

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