1-1 bonding time - Daddy & gal @ Pulau Ubin

Monday, July 16, 2012

I guess I better write some of the backdated happenings as I really do not know when will I finish the posts on Europe. I seemed to take forever.

Anyway, Daddy was in talk with Allan about father-daughter (err since Allan only had daughter, LOL) bonding after our Europe Holidays. So this was finalised to one fine Saturday in June and Shan was sooooo looking forward to it. So, I impromptu thought of doing something with Sky too. Hmmmm, my time with Sky was indeed mummy-son bonding. Whereas for DH and Shan, they were doing it as a four-some.

My time with Sky will be posted later. Meanwhile, kind Allan has helped to draft their trip happenings so that it could be recorded in memories. If I waited for Dh, I would have to wait looooooong looooong.

Assisted blog post from Allan :)

Finally the daddies decided to fulfill their promise of the Father-Daughter trip after much “gentle reminders” from their daughters. It was a trip suggested by our good friend Allan, the objective is to build up bonding and the “hero” image of the dad to their daughters. They mapped the bonding trip to an “overseas” location, 15min bumboat ride away - Pulau Ubin.
But it didn’t matter as the girls were all excited! They were feeling sky high because they were the true princess of the day with no other siblings to take away daddy’s attention (I must say, minus the iPhone). Off they went in the LATE morning for breakfast at Mac before the bumboat ride.

"Hero" dads with their princess on the bike as they explored Pulau Ubin

They gotten quite up close and personal with the wild boars. I heard they were rather harmless and they just wander around aimlessly. But at that same week, there were news reports of wild boar roaming in the city of Singapore and harmed a young boy. That's quite scary!

Looks like the gals managed to had good bonding time as well. Was told that Shan knew how to take care of young bec bec. Hmmm, she doesn't seem to show that caring side of her much at home.

They spent some time at Check Jawa where you are suppose to catch beautiful sea creatures like hermit crabs. But daddy said when they reached, it was high tide. So, too bad, they did not catch sight of any interesting creatures. Well, they had nice boardwalk and experienced nature to the fullest.

To end the wonderful day, the daddies actually brought them to try Thai BBQ at Mookata! Goodness, there must be a fair bit of stuff that the kids could not eat? But Shan tried the spicy chicken and according to her, the siokness factor was high despite the fact that she had to keep drinking water to cool herself down. Not a bad way to introduce spicy food to the kids. I guess if it's me, that would be the last dining place I would bring the kid for food. Yet the guys did not give it a hoot.

Anyway, as I surfed about Pulau Ubin to get more information, I came across this site where volunteer guides do organise FREE guided boardwalk tour to Chek Jawa. That's pretty cool. Maybe we should sign up someday. 

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