Salzburg - Day 1 - Part 2

Saturday, July 14, 2012

After touring St Peter Church, we were drawn to the cemetery which looks more like a garden than a Cemetery. Most graves are nicely maintained with beautiful flowers as decorations and metal crosses hanging on it. It was a very peaceful walk and the nicest cemetery I ever come across.

@ St Peter Cemetery
We were pleasantly surprised to come across Stiftsbäckerei (St Petery Bakery) which is said to be the oldest bakery in Salzburg. Woah! How how can we miss the authentic wood fired oven bread! We chose the soft butter bun and another rock bun alike.

Dear DH didn't seemed to be pleased with his bread

After St. Peter, we took a cable car up to the next must go destination - Hohensalzburg Castle. Here, we caught panoramic view overlooking the city of Salzburg. Simply breathtaking!

More posing at the peak!

Enjoyed this string puppets corner
Making use of the Salzburg card, we explored muesums after museums. For a non-museum person like me, I in fact enjoyed walking through most of them.
Festung Museum
My favourite! Isn't this the reason we come to Salzburg for? The Sound Of Music City
@ Salzburg Museum
By now, we were getting abit restless, abit dipsy, abit blurry from the paintings and pictures we seen at Salzburg Museum. And we realised that we haven't had our lunch!  We rested our leg at Mozart Cafe and boy, either we were very hungry or the pasta was damm good. We unanimously agreed that this was one of the best pasta place we ate. It's cheap too. A set of cabonara and salad only costed us 6.90 euro. Cheap right! And plus free wifi!

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