Salzburg - Day 2

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We spent a spectacular morning hiking trip at the Alps. Finally, got a chance to dusk my "Winter" wear in Summer. Took the Untersberg cable car up to the Untersberg Mountain and again we were treated to stunning view. And yes, if you have the Salzburg Pass, it's free!

Some history

Can you spot the cross over the other side of the mountain? 8 of us hiked all the way there. From the picture, you may not be able to imagine how far is the distance but it's dammmmmmmm far! I guess this hiking trip plus the whole loads of walking in Europe easily made up for my lack of exercise in my last 10 years! I'm not kidding! Poor Kate, her ballet pumps were not meant for such rough handling. Hence, the lovey dovey hubby Terrence accompanied her and both had their couple time enjoying the top of the world view sipping coffee at the cafe while we slogged it out.

Making our way to the cross. At this juncture, when we are very near to the peak, Joanna just had to rest. So the remaining 6 gunghos ventured ahead!

And we made it!!! And so the snapping begins..

Feeling top of the world and oh my...dragging our feet to hike all the way back.

The only food photo before we gobbled up everything else.

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