Europe - 24 May - 8 Jun 12

Friday, June 29, 2012


This must be the longest trip made without the baobeis. But, thank God for Wifi and Facetime, we communicated on a daily basis at no cost at all.

DH had an incentive trip to go London and the old chin travel gang decided to do a Europe trip too. We skipped London and met the guys at Paris instead. So nice to be back to Europe 10 later. We first visited Europe 10 years back and for Paris, we only dropped by for 1.5days. Except for the Eiffel Tower, we have not much memory of the romantic Paris.

We reached Paris in the evening and pre-arranged to meet the guys in the Hotel. The guys had spent time in the hotel since they arrived from London! We were then told of their earlier near-missed pickpockets incident. The three guys were surrounded by a group of young gals asking them to do survey. In a split second, the gals had zip opened their waist pouches and daringly put their hands into the guys' pockets. Despite their shouting and shoving, the pickpockets did not bulge. It was not until the police came then they fled away. The three guys shaken by the earlier incident, decided not to venture anywhere but stayed in the hotel wi-fiing, waiting for our arrival. Thank God for the protection and mercy that they were not harmed physically and financially!

After unpacking, we wasted no time to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower first before meeting Allan's colleague, Huizi in Paris. She hosted us and blessed us with free river cruise!

@ River Cruise

Listening to the guide

The breath-taking scenic view
After the nice an-hour long cruise, Huizi brought us to taste our first french cuisine in Paris.  On our way to the restaurant and did not realised that it was actually coming to 10pm in the night. It's so good to be Europe in summer despite the scorching sun. Maximising our holiday with the long day, short night.

TarMac located in the Gare du Lyon area of Paris.
We ended our first night in Paris, dining and drinking glasses and glasses of wine (they have starter wine to drink before you have the main dish and wine to go along with your steak..)  in this slightly retro looking French restaurant.

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