Crazy about Croissants

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm a bread lover and a number of artisanal bakeries had been sprouting in this tiny island. However, I'm working in the western side of Singapore and it's not quite possible and within my reach to feed my craving. I certainly can't depend on my "I'm satisfied with my Gardenia bread" DH to buy such atas bread.

Happened to send Shan to her English class in town and during the 1.5hours, my mission was to check out Maison Kayer, a France bakery at Scott Square and Paul Bakery at Takashimaya. Bought a few croissants and bread from both outlets and there was no turning back for me and the kiddos when we had our first bite on Maison Kayer's Croissants. It's simply a buttery divine creation. One croissant costs $2.60 each and despite the hefty price, we were so hooked on them. Unfortunately Thankfully, I have a "tai tai" friend who occasionally will strut along Orchard Road and after my intro, got into the same craze. Hence, from time to time, our family will enjoy some atas breakfast. I don't think my dear DH knows the price of the croissants he's eating now and then.

Am going to Europe soon and hope I won't come back feeling sick of dough.

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