Preaching on Manners

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seth woke up in the morning and in his sleepy tone demanded, "Milk! Mama"

In turn, I called out to Daddy, "Milk!"

Daddy spent the next few seconds preaching on "Please and Thank You" and Seth had forgotten his "May you make milk for me, please?" and I have to provide good example.....

Seth was getting impatient and wondering why his milk took longer than usual to arrive. I was rushing to shower and cut Daddy by saying, "Milk, please. Thank you"

Daddy then shouted from the room "TESS, MILK!"

I was like what the #$%#$%^*!!!!!! Needless to say, he got a earful from me and he sheepishly added, "PLEASE!" So much for the preaching!!!

Both of us thought back the incident and had a good laugh over it. But indeed, this small episode teaches us to think and examine ourselves on how we behave as a parent before we teach the kid. Parenting is a learning process!

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