Sky is 7!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Sky

You are seven now but with a frame of five. Thank god that you have grown taller but unfortunately, our efforts to fatten you up seemed to be fruitless. You are active and your motor skills are fantastic.You picked up cycling within a day, roller blading within hours, wave boarding within 2 nights and ice-skating within seconds (you said it was similar to roller blading and thus easy peasy). I guessed when come to play, nothing is too tough for you. I wonder how your small frame of body could take your big burst of energy.

I wish that your level of determination to these activities could apply to reading and studying. Your "taste" for books differs from Jie Jie. While she devours in fictional books, you go for non-fiction books such as Facts of Sharks, Encylopedia on Dinosaurs stuff or some scientific stuff. Yet, your love for books is not as deep. By far, I have not seen you automatically take a book to read at your own will! Thankfully, my nagging still works at your age. While I have to scream at your Sis to stop reading, I will have to scream at you to read. You are fine at playing masak with your 3yo brother.

Surprising, I have comments from your tutors and art teacher that you are smart. It seems unbelievable at times since you are so slack with your studies. You are gentle, soft spoken, afraid of insects and tolerant to your sibilings. Unlike your Sis who got a stubborn streak in her (you have it too but her dosage is stronger), you had a way with your pleading eyes to stop me from caning you and most of the times it works (shhhhh). Maybe I am afraid that you will have middle-child synrodrome and I should be more careful with you. But alas, I realised that you have a way with girls. Somehow, your P1 life is tainted with girls surrounding you at recess, I heard. Just by bringing you to school on a adhoc basis, it proved to be a daunting experience for me. You strutted in and shortly, your "friends" would be screaming your name, mostly in high pitched voices and you will wave at them in your mild manners.

You are a GEM and I knew that God has laid a path for you to walk. I prayed that God will use you mightly to be the salt and light of the world and you will always grow in his faith, hope and love.

With plenty of kisses

Mini birthday celebration with his favourite people!

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