Monday, June 27, 2011

Saw a pamphlet Shan brought back from school informing about Plaza Sing's events and Robot Zoo caught my eye. It sounds and looks fun and so brought the kids to explore it. The kids saw the biomechanics of complex animal robots (giraffe, chameleon, platypus, bat) and played the interactives to move the animals. However, it's quite small scale in my opinion, within a short while, they explored the whole "Zoo".

It's been some time since we last visited Science Centre. Actually not very long ago, we just visited Science Centre during last Dec but mainly for the CSI experience and Shan was not feeling very well that time and missed the water play. Since hols were ending soon, I thought it's a good to visit and let the kids enjoy the water play again.

First, the kids watched a fire tornado that was on exhibit. See how cool hot it is.

"wow" by the spiralling fire tower.

We toured around and went for a balloon science talk show.

Carried on with a IMAX show at Omni Theatre. Since Sky is so into dinosaurs, we chose to watch Sea Rex. To the kids' dismay, they did not get to enjoy water play again as by the time they finished watching the show at Omni Theatre, Daddy was already here to pick us up! Sky was grumbling throughout the journey!

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