Oooops! I've been lazy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

As a SAHM, i should have more time on hand and I should have taken a more consistent approach on my blog. But, I have been extremely lazy  (no great pocket of time in the noon which i thought i have) and the spare time i have were spent on catching korean and HK dramas. Bad mummy! Poor Seth did not get as much updates as I liked to have. Would have to backtrack and do my postings. Surely and really, I would try my best to do as much updates as possible!

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Hello! And thanks for visiting my blog!

With God's love, we have been blessed with three wonderful kiddos. I hope to jot down as many events and details as we journey along this life. One day, when the kids grow up, they have this space to refer to bring back many fond memories and laughter.

With love!

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