Big Eyes, Big Minds

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Huiling informed me about the films festival by Big Eyes, Big Minds and we arranged to bring the kids to watch it together during the school holidays. There were shows for 2-5yo, 5-10yo, 7-12yo and 10yo and above.We chose "Life in Small Bites" suited for 7-12yo which is a compilation of heartwarming documentaries and animated shows.

I especially like the documentary "Wahid's Mobile Bookstore" which depicts how Mumbai boys had to support his family and survive by selling books to the drivers or passengers on a busy road. The kids seldom watch documentary shows and it's a nice way of introducing them to culture and lifestyles of another country. And of course not forgetting to preach how fortunate are they living in Singapore. The kids of course loved "Ormie", an animated cartoon on how the pig tried to get its hand on a jar of cookies above the fridge. It was hilarious! The selection of the films were splendid and each ticket was sold at an economical price of $11.50!

Before the show, we dined at Aerin's.

Hungry boys!

 Beautiful Choco

Posing at Parliament house

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