Dino and Horses

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can't keep bring the older kids out and left Seth out of the fun! So specially for Seth, we brought him to watch Barney which is showing in Marina Square. The ambitious me initially wanted to bring the kids to watch Bob the Builder @ 1pm at Millenia Walk before the Barney show @ 2pm. However, with 3 kids in a tow and bringing them out on public transport is no easy feat. So, we just settled for Barney.

Daddy picked us up after the show and we went to pick Joanna and the kids before heading to Turf Club. This was our first time to the Singapore Turf Club! They were having sort of open house for all ages and we decided why not take a look..

To enter, you need to go through the MRT gantry look alike

Queuing up for free popcorns

Horse carriage

Feeding and patting the horse

Watching a race

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