Kids in the Big World

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accumulated (Spent) enough to let the kids had a hands-on learning experience in United Square. Unlike other malls that hold Barney or Dora shows, United Square offered an innovative learning environment during the June Holidays. Every $60 spent, kids could choose to role play one of seven interesting occupations that include Scientist, Pilot, Journalist, Architect and Engineer which lasted for about half an hour.

Shan and Sky chose the Scientist profession. They get to wear a lab coat and learned the different chemical and how they reacted to each other. They took off a momento of their chosen career --- a clear liquid that turned blue upon shaking. In a  more scientific explaination: "In the magic blue bottle is made up of chemical reaction between oxygen, methylene blue and glucose."

Both Shan and Sky were lamenting why they could not try out other professions and asked me to spent more $$$!!
The scientists at work

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