Cruise to Phuket & Penang

Friday, June 10, 2011

For the last December holiday, 4 families of us decided to bring the kids to a Cruise. Since we had never cruised before, all of us were excited! Unfortunately, Daddy again was reluctant to bring Seth along as he won't really play and eat much and notwithstanding that, we will have to pay the same cost for him as well. We left him to the care of Ah ma and our helper again. Sob Sob! I promise, promise the next family trip (other than M'sia) will include Seth!

Day 1
By the time we boarded the ship, it was around 4pm+. We did not realise that many "chiong" to queue in order to secure seats for the gala dinner and we took our own sweet time wandering around and doing things such as:
1. Playing "Chess"
2. Taking phots of our balcony room
3. Taking late tea!

After wandering, the kids can't wait and went for a dip at the pool!

The welcome entourage were also at the poolside performing acrobatic acts and dances.

Except for Sky and Sammuel, all the kids loved the slide. This was also the first time, Shannon braved through a seemingly long slide. Sky on the other hand, couldn't overcome his fear.

While waiting for the dinner, the big boy joined the young men for some beyblade.

We had a sumptuous dinner and followed with an entertaining juggling show at the theatre. Every one of us enjoyed the show tremendously!

Day 2
Chinese brekkie

and not too long later, Chinese lunch.

We had our full before we disembarked in Penang.
1st stop: Nonya Museum

After the education tour, we went on to try several local delights which includes
-Famous chendol (even our PCK ate before! )

-Penang Char Kway Teow, laska, Crispy Cuttlefish, Oyster Egg and

this (which i do not know what shell creature is this). But it was GOOD!
After makaning, we made our way back where we had dinner (Yes, Eat Again!).
Day 3
As usual, morning half were spent gorging the breakfast and lunch.
We needed to transfer to Phuket island via a small ferry. The kids at the "upper deck".
In adventurous spirit.
Sky focusing hard...
Girls' turn
Ice-cream time!

The men and boys went for an exciting All Terrain Vehicle ride.
Looking cool!

The girls and us women chatted on..
When we were back to the cruise, we washed up and got ready for Gala dinner. This time, we secured tickets to the Gala dinner. Actually, it wasn't so grand as it sounded. They were not particular on the dress code as well.It was just another meal in the restaurant. The only "spectacular" part was that the first dish presentation was similar to wedding dinner where the waiters doing the first dish entrance and a little dance.
Last day
What else but eating again! We had our full four meals (including tea) till we were back in Singapore.
Making Santa hats!
Scrolling and explore more of the Cruise. The guys were playing basketball and Sky gotten into a small incident. Sign. He had a fall from daddy's back and bumped his head. Luckily, he was alright. It was a loud thud!
Dinner and farewell time!
Till our next trip...

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