Sky celebrates his 6th Birthday (May)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sky turned 6 on 13 May and this would be the last celebration in school. We celebrated a day earlier as the actual day is the meet-the-parent session. He has been looking forward to this day and counting down since April. Unfortunately, Daddy couldn't be around due to SOT. Daddy's team is at our place since 8am for mock cell group and they were real sweet to record a "Happy Birthday" song for Sky.

Fooling around with his friends

His dino cake

Blowing his cake

His classmate was also celebrating birthday that day

With the girls

With the boys

With his English and Chinese Teachers

On the actual day, we headed to Swensons for lunch after meeting Sky's teacher in school and collected his progress card.

Boys fooling around while shan is hitting her book again.


Cheeky one

Gotten free ice-cream. Sky making his wish

And this is our birthday gift to him! The Lion King Musical! We really enjoyed the magnificent production. The kids were wowed by the props and thoroughly enjoyed every bits of the spectacular performance. Should have brought Seth along. Silly me, I assumed that they would not admit kids that young.

Outside MBS sand theatre

In the theatre..since we can't take any shots of the show, we could only take photo of ourselves. 

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