Seth's quirky habits

Monday, June 13, 2011

Not sure since when Seth had acquired some quirky habits.

1. He absolutely dislike mummy to tie hair. If he ever spots me tieing my hair, he will demanded me to take down my rubber bands or clips or he will take it down himself.

2. When he's trying to sleep in the night, he will stroke my hair to sleep. If he sleeps with Aunty, he will stroke her hair too! BUT, he refuses to stroke Daddy's hair. Haha

3. He doesn't like me to pat him to sleep. Unlike his bro and sis!

4. And he's like a Koala in the night and try to sleep very close to me. If he does wakes up in the night, he will turn his way to me even though Daddy is just besides him.

5.  He sometimes stand poo-poo-ing !! Arrrg!

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