Monday, June 27, 2011

Of the many Saturday mornings, quite a number of them were spent in our nearby Multi Level carpark and to be more precise, 5th floor of the carpark.

Daddy made a pact that this year, he die die must make sure that Shan and Sky mastered the art of cycling! We failed last year and left it as that and only recently, Daddy decided the kids should re-learn this skill. And Viola, God prompted him that he could use the carpark as the learning ground since the 5th floor is rather unused. Perhaps, a year older, a year wiser and a year more steady for the kids, they picked up within two sessions of practice! Sky in fact picked up on the first session! Guess what, he consoled jie jie who was sulking away with these exact words "Jie Jie, it's ok, boys have better motor skills la" Made us burst out laughing.

Since both are now rather competent with cycling, Daddy bought a new 20in mountain bike as Shan seems to be too tall for the 14in bike. Daddy enjoyed riding the new bike too! He has used it a number of times to ferry Sky to his enrichment classes!

Whereas for Seth, it would be his workout aka running cum silly face making time!

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