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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Sundays ago, we brought the kids to Bedok Community Centre for the Rock Carnival organised by The Rock School at Bedok CC. The Carnival is a 2-day event (you can buy either 1-day or 2-days passes) with climbing as the highlight and side events like face painting, balloon sculpting, flea market and more.  Climbers can climb throughout the whole 8 hours from 10am-6pm!

We went after church and upon reaching, Shan & Sky wasted no time to quickly join the queue (sacrificing their lunch times).  The area was segmented into three sections.

The "Under 8yo Section"
Despite the sign, it did  not deter Shan & Sky from climbing. In this section, they had to put on harness and climb to the top. Seth chickened out halfway!

The "Challenge Section"
There were four wall challenges with routes of varying difficulties. Points were allocated if you achieved certain milestones (i.e climbed certain "rock"). In turn, the points could be accumulated and exchange for certain items. It was tough and did not come easy even for natural climber like Sky.

Dear friend, Allan took a picture of us "supporting" Shan from behind!

The Parent-Child Session
Daddy and the kids signed up for the parent & child session at the biggest and tallest wall. It was no easy feat but they had  the determination to climb till the end to have the momentous photo taken.

It was a certainly fun event and good especially if you have kids with endless energy!

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