Vacation Fun - NeWater Plant

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last year, Shan did the Young Botanist Card. This year, the teacher gave them "I am a Young Water Ambassador" card. This explains why we needed to make a trip to NEWater Visitor Centre. The centre is located at Kok Sek Lim Road which is near Changi. We made a booking to tour the Visitor Centre after church last Sunday.

Apparently, we were the only ones who booked for the tour. So, Shan could ask as many questions as she liked.

The tour started off with a video to introduce NEWater Plant.

While Shan is busying trying to take note of Singapore's four National Taps, Sky and Seth were grooving around playing with the interactive games.

Listening intently to the guide

It was an educational and enriching tour and the kids learnt a thing of two about how water was being treated and processed. They also made a pledge not to waste water and spend more than 10 minutes on bathing! 

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