Soley Seoul Day 2

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On the way to the subway..

Guess what is this?

It's the Police Station and it looks so welcoming!!

Ewha Women University 
The shopping started here! And the fashion street here was really women's shopping haven. Quality clothes at resonable prices too and most of the time, they allow you do do some bargaining. After conquering the fashion streets, it's time to add fuel. Before that, we had to see the amazing architecture of Ewha Women University. The lush greenery of the campus was also very impressive. 

So coincidence - there's a batch of graduating girls taking photo! Snapped a shot of them too!

Spotted this elegant ajumma and she was super obliging to take photos with us individually! 

After admiring the campus, we dropped by at Blacksmith for lunch. It’s a Italian chain restaurant in Korea, owned by the handsome actor Song Seung Hun. If only, he was serving us!!

The ambience and interior of the restaurant is also nice. The bread (starters), pizzas and pasta were also pretty neat. Overall, great dining experience here.

After the nice lunch, we continued with shopping!

On our way to the subway, we spotted this quirky looking hair and beauty salon!

Hongik University
From Ewha, we took a train down a few stations to Hongik University. Again, there were also many interesting shops along the way. However, after the heavy morning to noon shopping, our legs started to ache. Found a nice cafe - beansbins - a popular local cafe chain to settle down.

Ordered their signature item - Ice Creams Waffles!! Very very yums!!

We went on to visit the fame Hello Kitty Cafe! Everything is so girly and cute to the max! The staff were quite nice though to allow these giggling ladies to go in and take pictures without buying anything from them.

The cakes there don't look tempting to me.

After exploring Hongdae area for a short while, we went back to Myeongdong. We continued with shopping and eating some street food. 

The more we walk around Myeondong, we noticed that there were many streets that we missed out.  By the time we wanted to have our dinner,  we realised that many restaurants were closed! Finally, we managed to find this cozy restaurant that served Budae jjigae (army stew). The origins of this dish was invented during the famine years of the Korean war and post-war period. Koreans managed to use leftover meat discarded or handed-out from the U.S. army bases to make this dish. Hence, in the stew, you have rice cakes, ham, meat, hot dog, beancurd, cheese and ramyeong (instant noodles). Like rojak.. but must try! Very yummy!!

We continued our shopping journey in Dongdamun before calling it a night morning. Think we reached hotel at around 2-3am. The amount of walking we clocked that day could easily be 3 months worth!

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