Solely Seoul Day 4

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to get here:
Anguk Station (Line 3, Exit 6)
Jonggak Station(Line 1, Exit 3)

One of my favorite places in Seoul! The subway itself already filled with artsy atmosphere!

Be prosperous, buddy!

The whole station is filled with art pieces

The wall of different tiles

It's nice little street with lots of arty stuff.  If you are looking for a product related to Korean culture and heritage, then this is the place where you can find pretty good souvenirs.
Lovely handicrafts. I bought three clay dolls here :)

Along the street, there's many groups of people chanting for a cause. I think it was to help the poor children or children with sickness. 

You wouldn't want to miss this Ssamziegil Mall. The structure of the building is unique in a way that all floors are connected like a spiraling staircase. It houses more than 70 shops ranges from fashion to quirky art stuff to food and accessories.

Inside of the mall

Bought a cute reversible bag at 28000won for Shannon

Bought these lovely canvas art for my place! <3 br="">
Yummy snacks here!
inside a very nice handicraft accessories store

shit-like looking red bean paste pastry.

Ice cream!!

There's also a rooftop garden at the top!

Saw a traditional restaurant and attracted by a handsome waiter, we walked in. Took pictures with him and my 花痴 friend actually cropped all of us out and sent us only his photo! 

Had our ginseng chicken soup and pancake!!

Another highlight of the day was the evening visit to  Namsan Tower
@ Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Stn Exit  3
Take wide road next to convenience store, walk straight & turn left of Pacific Hotel. Continue walking through the commercial quarter till you reach stairway. 
Fare: Round-trip: 6,300 won, One-way: 4,800 won 
Hours: 10:00~22:30 

We met a elderly and he happened to walk us to the tower. Not sure if that's the right way, but it was tiring up-slope walk. We could have died of exhaustion but the elderly man put us to shame by not seem to pant at all!!

The romantic Namsam Tower. There's also a Teddy Bear Museum for those that are interested. 

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