Solely Seoul - Day 3

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheonggyecheon Stream
City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 2. Go straight 100m to arrive at Daehanmun Gate on the right. Look out for Chongye Plaza

We took the morning slow with some sight seeing. On our way to the Cheonggyeheon Stream....

Saw these hanging umbrellas outside City Hall station! 

In front of TV Station

We reached and there was a fair going on. Cheonggyecheon Stream used to exist merely as an overpass neglected in 1970 until it was restored in 2005. It had since became a beautiful recreational area in downtown Seoul.
Had some food sampling along the way!

Throw a coin and make a wish!

Not sure what does this parade symbolises

spotted this uber cute Korean boy playing by the stream

After the leisure morning, we took the subway to Gangnam for lunch. We noticed this restaurant full of local people and gathered it must be good!

Another scrumptious meal!! It's Grilled pork...we like!! And the rice is damm good!

After the meal, we went for underground shopping. Not very fantastic shopping and we decided to have tea break at Dean & DeLuca @ Shinsegae Gangnam.

Headed back to Myeongdong and more shopping!!

For a nice change to the spiciness and meaty stuff, we choose to have comfort food - porridge. Bonjuk is  franchise porridge restaurant that serves tasty Korean rice porridge good for your "well-being." Its juk, Korean porridge, is served in a large bowl with three small side dishes. Do note that portion is generous and the four of us only shared two big bowl.

The pumpkin porridge is abit bland though and may not suit Singaporean's strong palette.  

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