Art competition @ Marina Barrage

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sky's art school participated in the "On-The Spot Art Contest" organised by Singapore Polytechnic and PUB for Singapore International Water Festival. To be frank, we were clueless about the event. In fact, we thought it's just a normal art competition and to our pleasant surprise, there were quite a number activities going on. So happy that the whole family went instead of just bringing along Sky. As the competition had yet to start, the kids started to play the activities first.

Seth's first try on the pirate ship! He freaked out when the ship got higher and higher and cried for mummy's rescue!

Sky and Shan loved to be in this big ball!

After the fun, the competition started and Sky had to go back. Not knowing what to draw, he did up a first draft trying to draw the pirate ship since it's on-the-spot drawing and the pirate ship is right in front of him.

Shortly after, the teacher brought them to walk around Marina Barrage to check out the happenings of the event and improve their visual.

After the inspiration walk, Sky decided to draw the flyer, dragon boat and buildings.

While Sky is drawing, Shan was watching some of the performances put up by various school and Seth was happily getting himself wet!

At about 11am+, Daddy brought Shan and Seth home since Shan needed to attend her ballet class.

By 12pm+, Sky was already touching up his artwork.

Ta dah, his finished art piece. His dragon boat looked like sea horse :p

Sky actually took this boat ride after he ended his drawing. Jie Jie and Seth already went home since Shan got ballet class. He had fun playing the bouncy castle too!

After note: received a call from Singapore Poly (the organiser) that Sky won a consolation prize and they will be mailing us his medal and some vouchers! Woah, am so proud of him since this is the first art competition he took part in!! Congrats, darling!

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