Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Saturday, Alice's granny got a room in MBS and asked us to go over for a swim as well to catch the fireworks. As daddy was not around (away for mission trip in Bandung), I was still hesitating if I should go. But, it was a too good a chance to miss and I am sure the kids would enjoy it. We set off at 5pm. That's when the eventful journey started.

The gungho me not very well verse with routes and often directionless, whooshed the kids in the car and made our way to MBS. I do know the route to Suntec but super unfamiliar with the entrance to MBS. But I thought, what the heck, GPS could do wonder. But the silly me, not sure what did I do with the settings, ended up turning the GPS into driving stimulating experience mode and I was trapped when I went past Marina Square. Traffic was heavy and not knowing where to turn or stop, I literally go wherever there's "road". The joke of the day is when Shan woke up from her nap and asked Mummy why are we in Ang Mo Kio!! Little did she know that, Mummy had went past KPE, Orchard and finally reached AMK.  Of course, on the way, I tried to make out what was happening to the GPS and swearing at it. Finally, after praying over the GPS, I managed to stumble into "Settings" and switched it back to "On" mode. Holy ghost, it was in "off" mode all the while!! Sign, I missed my man so much :p

Anyway, with GPS's help, we were back safely in MBS by 6+ (stopped by the the Shoppes and Johnny took over the wheels to drive into the carpark. Alamak! Just had to turn right from where I stopped).
After wowing at the room, the kids quickly got changed and dashed to the pool. It was totally awesome to swim with a breathtaking view.

Seth's happiness was short lived cos a while later, he was scared and trembled when the deafening jets flew past right above our heads. Sky was a happy man though to catch the helicopters and jets in action.

Seth not willing to go down the pool thereafter!

Sign, terrible setting on the DSLR and couldn't capture the night scene nicely. Another reason why I could not do without my man :p

Awww...the fireworks made the driving worth!

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