Coming to terms with death

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Friday, Shan came back from school feeling rather down and tired. It was also a short day for Sky as his school was celebrating Racial Harmony Day. Thus, I invited Sky's friend (with his mum) over for some playtime. Since, I had guest, I did not mind Shan too much. After a short while, I realised she was sooo tired that she was lying on the bed. It was very unlike the usual routine and I was concerned that she was not feeling well. Alas, she told me that her school teacher which is also one of her subject teacher, passed away and she had no mood to eat. By the time our guest went off, Shan was already fast asleep in her uniform. She had a brief one hour nap before she had to get ready for her Berries class.

On my way back from her class, Shan's form teacher called and informed me about the demise of the teacher. I had no idea until her teacher mentioned that Shan was one of the girls that cried very badly when the news was broke out to the students. So, the form teacher was worried that the pupils may have a hard time coming to terms with it. She was a rather young and well liked teacher who apparently passed away due to sudden stop of heart beat. There was also a circular informing parents to look out and monitor distress signs of the pupils (no mood to eat was one of the signs). I do not remember Shan even showed signs of distress when her Ah Gong passed away few yrs ago. Now that she's older, I guess she could understand this better and perhaps more emotionally expressive.

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