Korea Day 6

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Day 6 was a shopping day. The greatest buy that day was the odbo skincare products I lugged back. I swear by these products. These products are distributed by The Face Shop but I don't remember seeing them available in the malls. It's only in the factory that the tour guide brought us to. Another minus point of joining tour group that I totally loathe is the stopover at those tourist retail shop like ginseng and pearl powder.

Anyway, the highlights of Day 6 include

Chinese breakfast

Porky and beefy lunch

Shopping in action in the afternoon!

Fantastic seafood buffet at Under the Sea 

We ended the night with a highly entertaining musical Bibap show. It is a non-verbal performance showing the 2 rival chefs with a team competing in making a variety of dishes. It was shown through b-boying, beat-boxing, acrobatics, martial arts and singing. All of us love it so much!! I missed the Cooking Nanta show when they were in Singapore. Must catch it when I go Korea again next time!

A picture with the crew. They are awesome!

My lovely Picasso Sky! He always surprises me in different ways! Love him so much!!

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