Korea Day 4 - Skiing

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

After breakfast, we made our way to Ski Resort at Mount Sorak. Our tour guide provided a beginners' ski lesson.

This young man can't do much skiing, so more pictures time!

But this lucky chap got a free ride from the tour guide down the slope! I think it kinda shook him up!

Our tour guide cum ski instructor

Full gear!

Who is who?!

See how hubby & Sky skied

Shan skiing

Seth skiing

Compared to the Osaka times where the kids just played with man made snow, Shan & Sky picked up skiing this time. As usual, Sky was the dare devil. Despite no prior training and experience, after a few ski down the gentle slope, he complacently went up the upper part of slope with the tour leader and hubby.

The only downside of this ski trip was that it did not include the gondola ride. Imagine carrying the ski equipment up the slope to ski down.. very tiring! Since Shan & Sky enjoyed the fun, they willingly did the laborious job of lugging up the equipment themselves.. I just concentrated on capturing the kodak moments :)

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