Korea Day 3

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Holy Holy..CNY is over and I have yet to complete my posts on Korea trip! Have been busy with the kids, endless meet ups with various friends and yes, also landed myself with chasing of some drama via iPad.  Gotta do a quick wipe off the dust of this blog and get going.
Day 3 was quite a relax day including a flight back to Seoul. After landing in Seoul, we proceeded to the Skin Anniversary Beauty Town. It is a monstrous beauty complex.

My personal take - I think the visit here is quite crap!

We first had buffet lunch at the basement. Kids went crazy seeing strip of seaweed and scooped portion after portion.

After the lunch, we were led to "beauty parlour".

Each of us obtained a check card and proceeded to the counters as shown below. All ladies waiting behind the counters to serve us and analyse our skin.

After the short analysis, the staff gave us a mask each suited for our skin type. For the kids, they gotten a junior mask. The beautician then removed our make up and gave a little massage before putting on the mask.

It's quite an experience for the kids since it's their first facial aka mask experience. Seth happily snoozed away in his pram throughout the whole session and did not even know when went on. After less than 10 minutes, Sky started grumbling that the mask caused itchiness and whined how long this facial lasted.

After the "facial", we proceed to the make-up section on the first floor. You can try on make-up by yourself using the cosmetics offered. That's it! It's really crap! I pity another lady on the tour. She had her falsies on. As a result of the facial, her pair of beautiful eyes turn into the ..... that aside, I'm super impressed by her falsies application skills.

Anyway...thankfully, we had a great dinner. Think lettuce wrapped ooozing pork..the succulent juice coming out of the tender pork! And surprise surprise, the tour leader rounded up the December babies for cake cutting and birthday singing..That's lovely gesture!

And before the night ended, we made a trip to the ski shop to pick up the stuff necessary for ski the next day. The kids super excited for the next day to arrive.

Sleeping on a futon on the floor. So happy to have the whole floor to roll around.

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