Young Botanist

Saturday, March 17, 2012

When Shan brought back the Young Botanist card, it brought back many wonderful memories. I remembered this was one of the activities we did during primary school days. We did lots of stuff, striving to accumulate the stars for each activity in order to obtain the badge. I thought I only embarked on this during P5/6 instead of P3? And, I assumed everyone my era would have certainly collected few Young Scientist Badges but my DH has no memories of this. It's even the first time he is seeing this. Hmmmm.. guess different school different practices?

Anyway, because of the aspiring young botanist, we had been to Botanic Gardens for a few occasions. For a change, we tried Hort Park (more so because Mummy vaguely remembered that there was also a shop in Hort Park and it sold different seeds) with the aim to collect seeds (one of the activities). Ok, they digressed and had fun. In the midst of it, we met a bangla "gardener" who nicely helped Shan and "dug" 50% of the targeted seeds. Blessings come in different form :)


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