Phuket Thrilling Day 2

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Day 2, we signed a water rafting and ATV package. What we did not expected was it came with thrilling elephant ride. It was very very unlike the normal walk-one-round ride. The elephant went up and down the hill starting our morning on a high note.

The dainty queen  :p

 See the hilly terrain that the elephant brought us through.

To prevent any mishap, none of us brought along our phone and camera and thus there was no pictorial to describe the remaining exciting afternoon. We went for 7km water rafting and it quite different from our previous experience at Bali. We gotten rather wet not because we capsized but more so they have the culture of splashing water and ensuring that you leave experiencing the cool river. Simple lunch was provided after the rafting and we followed on with ATV ride.

not us..for reference only :p

It was enjoyable and yours truly got to ride it (with the guide) for a while. After ATV, the guide brought us to see the waterfall. We lingered at the waterfall for a while before spending another hr dozing off back to our hotel.

After the hectic day, we end the day pampering ourselves again. The vain guys had fun trying out Thailand facial while the ladies went for foot massage.

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