Marvellous Monday

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Except for Shan who still need to go to school for dance practices, Monday to Wednesday, 8am – 12pm (Do they really dance that long?!), school's out for term break. Seth’s CC was also closed on Monday for teacher’s training.

The mummy of course had to do something to make sure that their holiday had some memorable moments while balancing the equation with homeworks. Took half day leave and brought them to the new indoor playground, Happy Willow, at Fushionpolis. Since it’s new, there’s also not much crowd. Although the area is separated into Kids and Toddler’s Den, my young toddler ventured everywhere and had tremendous fun!


They even had a book corner and I must say the books that they carry are of quality reads.

Look how happy this bookworm is!

 And she immediately immersed herself into the books.

As for Sky, he prefers to relax after a good workout 

Seriously speaking, Happy Willow still pale in comparision to their big time favourite Indoor Playground - Go Go Bambini. Nevertheless, they had good fun and that's what matters.

After a few good hours, the hunger pangs kicked in and we decided to forsake daddy and took 2 stations down to Holland Village via Circle Line for early dinner. O boy, kudos to good transport system. Why are there still so many unsatisfied souls complaining to LTA?!

We settled at Everything with Fries, the name of it brighten the kids’ eyes! With the exception of the young one who was extremely exhausted from the running and went reminiscing about his earlier wild moments at La La Land.

We ordered two portions of grilled pork chop and a tandoori Chicken sandwich and all came with salad and fries (needless to say). Very satisfying meal!! Any salad with balsamic vinegar goes for me. Their fries come in two type, shoestring and straight cut. We chose shoestring fries but three different flavours, Original, Curry and Sour Cream flavour for our three meals. The sour cream was a tad too bland but the original and curry ones were “unstoppable”. Thank God, Shan and Sky had different tastebud. So, Shan happily tucked in her original fries while Sky chomped his curry fries.

Their famous one egg soup.

Worth going back again! And I meant the food!

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