New Year New Start

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This year is a year of new beginnings. Sky started his primary school journey this year and joins his sis in NHPS. Shan starts P3, a rather crucial year I would say.

Sky's half awake look at 6.30am.

Recess time. Sky looking very happy with his new-found friends. The school arranged pre-pack recess for the first 10 days, exposing them to the food from all the stalls.

Look at all the eager parents at the right hand side...all of us looked like in the "zoo" looking at exhibits.

At the left hand side

Happy that he's settling well in school.

Jie Jie popped by to visit :)

After recess, the kids were led to the basketball court where the Principal personally shook every pupil's hand and handed a welcome bag to them.

The school arranged a series of briefing by HOD on Day 1 and after recess, while we needed to process some paper works with the teacher, the students had a tour of the school.

I pray that he will have a good six years in the school and, form good friendships and enjoyed a well-rounded education. He will enjoy great favours from his teachers and friends and God's blessing in this journey.

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