Day 6/7 - Leo Foo Village

Sunday, January 01, 2012

At mid noon we reached Leofoo Village. Another place of interest that the kids were eagerly looking forward to. Can you see the rooms at the right hand side? Facing the central "zoo" were the two long stretches of rooms. They were named Giraffes and Zebras room. We could wake up to Giraffes knocking against our windows! For us, we were placed nearer to the flamingoes. Before we savoured our Zebras and Giraffes rooms, we wasted no time to explore the theme park! 

Our family photo
First, a tram ride to explore the wild lives around the park

The tram ride totally beat our Night Safari few hundred times. The animals were so intimately close to us.

After the tram ride, the kids quickly dispersed to do the various rides. We (Yes, ourselves, besides the children) enjoyed ourselves too much and forgotten to take much pictures. The best thing about the park is there isn't any crowd at all. We could take all the rides as many times as we want. Is is because is a super off-peak season? We really do not know. Many a times, we do not have any idea how the ride is going to be as there wasn't anyone riding before us.

Time passes too fast and before we knew it, it's time to head back to our hotel. Unlike other theme park, Leo Foo Village closes at 5pm. Took some scenic pictures before we left.

Doing a mood shot here in the room. Nah...more of stone look, trying to recover from the enjoyable but tiring day.

There's more programmes lined up though. (1) tribe dance and interestingly (2) story telling session for the kids.

Listening intently during story time. After a bedtime story, we were set in a mood for sleeping.

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