Sky's solo performance

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sky made his first maiden solo performance during his Kindy's Teacher's Day dedication concert. He passed the audition and was chosen to perform on Teacher's Day.  The audition wasn't that smooth sailing actually. On the day of the audition, he blew it and totally blanked out. The teacher in charge called and said that Sky did not sing a thing. She mentioned that she would give Sky another chance the next day and if he still did not sing, he wouldn't be able to perform. After some praying and a small prep talk that he could do it, he gamely went for another try. The teacher subsequently called to say that he was in for the dedication concert.

Ok, Sky is not outspoken by nature. When I was working in my ex organisation, I cringed whenever I had to present to a large crowd. So, to sing in front of the whole school, I definitely can't do it. So, even comparing to one chap who sang Justin Bieber's most famous number "Baby",

or another one who had to recite 三字经,

Sky's simple song is really nothing to shout about. But to me, it's really BRAVO and a job well done!

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