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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have made it, being one year as a homemaker! Do I miss the corporate world? Yes, I miss checking on corporate emails, the adrenaline of rushing for deadline, the joy of being recognised for the effort you put in your job, the comfort of $$$ deposited in your bank monthly, the laughter and gossips while having lunches with colleagues. Thou shall not talk about the negative aspects of it!

During this one year, I watched scrutinised my kids every moment, shared happenings in their lives. I "snatched" Seth back to me. He was quite close to Tess (our helper) and sticky about having her to carry him instead of me! I bonded with them. I became their GPS, direct and steer them to the right direction and almost trying to instill values in various conversations we had. I was enjoying my "tai-tai" life and yet felt a sense of un-fulfillment. I started to reflect and pray for directions.

This one day, I happened to flip the Saturday "Recruits" page, something that I would do on Saturday if I had the leisure time to read the papers. This position in the paper attracted me enough to get me sit in front of my PC wanting to send my resume. However, the application is done via online and I had to input seven section about me ranges from personal data  to employment history. As I was filling up the info, I was wondering it was done in the name of fun (to test my marketability) or I'm ready to enter back to workforce.

Within a month, I got the interview and almost immediately after the second interview, I got the offer! It was timed so appropriately as I was given time to sign the appointment letter and only to start work after the September school holiday. It happened in a flash as this was the first and only job I applied. I contemplated if I should really be accepting the offer. First, Sky is going P1 next year. Have I prepared him enough? What about the holiday planned for the year end? Can I take leave since I just started work? Church retreat? Childcare for Seth? Shan going P3 next year, would it be a tougher year for her? I had not check out other jobs yet?!

Both hubby and I felt peace after praying and given many clear indication from God, I took up the offer! Things fell in place naturally. I was given many assurance that the kids transited well and still doing good despite me going to work. Almost every to-do list given to the kids were completed. Ok, I admit I am kiasu. I just can't stand the kids skiving and watching TV. Other than Shan who recently gotten her Star Pupil Badge, Sky especially surprised me. His tasks are completed duly (he used to whine a fair bit). I thought nothing of it when one fine day, I was showering Sky and he asked me if I knew why he does his work so fast and well recently. He then followed on to say it was because he had led God into his heart! Woah, I was amazed! Later on then I found out that his church kindy school counselor on a regular basis invites willing students to give personal bible story and kind of led them to receive Christ.

Looking back, I believe God had put me at home the last one year to lay the ground works. I was also able to handle the kids with the Daddy doing SOT early part of this year. I can imagine my mum (who's a non-believer) feeling uncomfortable with the many sessions of mock up cell and preaching done at our place if she was around to take care of the kids then. On a personal level, I was excited because I could tithe again and our Church's Arise and Build is starting soon. Hmmm, this must be partly why God gives me such clear direction that I could start work now. :p

Timing is so puuuuurfect! All glory to HIM!

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  1. Hey Celine,
    I didn't know you went on a 1-year break from work to spend more time with the kids. But knowing how much you've gained through this break, especially bonding time with your 3 beautiful kids, was definitely worth it, I guess. Like the examples you've shared through this blog, your testimony is indeed so powerful! God works in an amazingly good time, which will always be beyond our imagination and understanding. ALl we have to do is to trust and obey! & all His goodness will be upon us :)

  2. :) Amen Sharon!! You & Dray too! are shinning salt and light in his kingdom @ down under :)


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